I remember the first time I saw the winter X games. I was amazed at how someone could look so gracious gliding through the snow on a board. I quickly began to research and learn about the sport. The first thing I did with my paycheck was drive up to Bellayre mountain to go snowboarding, I rented all my equipment and completely fell in love with the sport. When I am on a snowboard I feel like I am the protagonist and author of my own movie. I can go as fast as I can, however I want and for as long as I want. There is no pressure to be the best, It is just me and my board. I started joining all girls snowboarding camps where I learned from other women and fell in love with the atmosphere these women groups created. Genuine support for each other, whether you make the first jump or eat it on the way down.

After a few years of riding, I started trying other board sports and without even realizing it, this became a lifestyle for me. From wearing high ankle socks to prevent tire burn from my one wheel, putting board decals on my car, to wearing a shirt that lets the world know “I like to snowboard or skate”. I noticed one thing the board sport industry is lacking. everything was geared to men; from the clothing, to the forums.

I created Carve Bunnies as a platform where women can express themselves through clothing, equipment, or writing. For women to connect, communicate and talk about their passion for riding. Where women can come together and ride in a welcoming all women’s environment and make friends along the way. The best friendships are always the ones where you can share a common passion.